Stitch in Time, Saves 9

Stitch in Time, Saves 9
Summer golf is the greatest. We get to play whenever we want, the course is in great shape, and usually our game is in great shape. The downside is that we do not get as much time to practice as we may hope to, usually because we are spending all of our time playing. If we start having troubles with one aspect of our game, and it's been a few rounds, we suggest you work on it right away. Don't let bad habits creep into your game because it could be a quick fix right now, or it could be a big fix later on in the year. Think of your game like a car. Maintain it, and it will run smoothly, neglect it, and it may break down on you. If you don't know what to fix, let us help you, it could be as simple as standing further away.

Custom Fitting: the importance of the proper sized grip


Grips are much more than just the rubber keeping your hands off of the cold steel. They are an essential part of a golf club.

Having the correct size of grip is something that most people over look. Having a grip that is too small could make you pull your golf ball, and a grip that is too big could make you push your golf ball. They also sell large grips for those with arthritis to relieve some of the pain you may feel when hitting a golf ball.

Focus and how it influences your golf game

Staying Focused

Are you distracted? Are you waiting for an important phone call? Have you not had anything to eat for 16 holes?

Our focus is something that influences your golf game more than we might think. With smart phones and wrist watches that buzz and beep every 30 seconds, it can be hard to stay focused on the task at hand. Getting angry at one’s self is something that may feel beneficial, but, it usually does more harm than good. What we want to try and emulate is the focus and attitude we bring to our practice. Deep breathing and taking a second to clear our head from outside distractions can help keep our round consistent rather than a classic golf game of pars and triple bogies.

Golf Poetry in Motion

A great round of golf can feel like poetry in motion, but rarely do we see actual golf poetry.

This Poem was written by a Gordon, a Grade 5 student in the Burnaby School system, and a participant in our Golf Reach Out program with Burnaby Elementary Schools. Gordon has also been taking advantage of the B-Active card program where Grade 5 students have access to one free bucket of balls a day.

Gordon has been working on visualizing his shots before swinging, and not only has it transferred into lower scores on the golf course, but it has also transferred into his poetry!

We are excited to see where this game will take Gordon, but we are even more excited to see that he is enjoying the game of golf in this moment, and not solely focused on the future. Keep up the good work Gordon!


The golf club is often overlooked as the cause of poor play. Should we trust the equipment that we are using? Absolutely, but we highly recommend that you have your clubs custom fit.

The club is made up of 3 components: Grip, Shaft, Head. These three components can each influence the ball and the swing in different ways.

If your grips are too big, the average person will hit the ball with a push.
If your grips are too small, the average person will hit the ball with a pull.
If your grips are too slippery or worn, then you will have to hold on to the golf club too tight which will rob you of power and accuracy.

Custom Fitting: The importance of having the proper lie angle

If the lie angle of your golf club is too upright than you will have a tendency to hit the ball to the left if you’re right handed. If your lie angle is too flat than you will have the tendency to hit the ball right if you’re right handed (the opposite for left handed people). These 2 factors are the main reason you should be custom fit for your lie angle.
Each manufacturer has a different lie angle as standard. We highly recommend that you get custom fit with the clubs you intend to play during the fitting process.
Over time softer metals change and therefore the lie angles change as well. So if you are using an older set of irons (10 years or older) we extremely endorse getting custom fit for a new set of irons. A new set customized to you will absolutely increase your consistency and over time increase your performance.

Custom Club Fitting: Fitting for length

Arguably the most important part of the fitting process, the length of the shaft absolutely affects performance.
If the shaft is too long you will have difficulty controlling you performance, golf shots may go left and you could be forced to stand too tall at setup.
On the other spectrum if the shaft is too short golf shots may go right, if too much hip flex because you’re crouching when you address the ball. Therefore you will have great difficulty maintaining consistent posture during the golf swing.
Our recommendation would be to go to your local golf course and ask to have a Golf Professional to take a look at the length of your clubs. And of course if you are considering buying new clubs please get custom fit, this will only increase your performance.

Golf and its relationship with Charitable Activity

Charitable Activity: In 2013 alone there were nearly 37,000 charitable events hosted at Canadian courses (25,000 in 2008). Using conservative extimates, these events raise more than $533 million ($473 million in 2008) for charitable cuases across Canada.

~Economic Impast Study of Golf in Canada, National Allied Golf Associations (NAGA)~

Are you looking to create a charitable event that includes Golf in Burnaby? Call 604 297-4493 or email and let us help you create an event to be proud of. 

Questions to consider before you book your Custom Club Fitting

Before we custom fit you for your new golf clubs we ask a few questions to identify you specific characteristics.

  1. What do you like and dislike about your current equipment?
  2. What are your current equipment specifications?
  3. What are your ball flight tendencies?
  4. What are your needs and preferences from new equipment?

This type of dialogue will help throughout the fitting process to ensure that we meet your expectations every step of the way and get you into a set of clubs that will enhance your golfing experience. 

Golf Courses Benefit People and Wildlife

Golf Course Roughs and Trees create positive wildlife habitat.

More than 70 percent of most golf courses are rough and non-play areas including natural grasses, trees and shrubs. Combined with the open areas of fairways and greens, the golf course is an attractive wildlife habitat. An amazing number of species are making golf courses their home and Burnaby is no exception. If you have captured a photo of wildlife on a Burnaby Golf Course and want to share your experience please email with your photo.