Custom Club Fitting: Choosing the correct club head style

Choosing the correct club head style

When choosing the correct club head style it is important to match your contact tendencies to a head style that enhances your performance. During the fitting process your custom fitter will narrow down your tendencies by matching your launch angle needs, spin needs and your forgiveness needs by letting you use the different heads to match to your maximum performance. Make sure the club you choice is one you are excited to play with. Confidence in a club can be just as important as the technology that goes into them.

Look and Feel:
Look and feel is often over looked when selecting a golf club. If you look at something and it inspires confidence, it is something we will try and make it fit in your bag. Feel is also something that we want you to have a preference on. If a golf club does not feel like something you want to hit over and over again, it’s not going to be very motivating to go out and work on your game. There are many different options in each category of golf club, so finding the one that is best for you is a worthwhile pursuit.

Forgiveness in a club means that your off-centre shots will have less of a consequence than a less forgiving alternative. The way this is achieved is by having the weight of the club moved to the perimeter of the head. This can help lift the ball in the air higher, increase the sweet spot, and also slows down the club face rotation during the swing.
Getting fit with something that launches the correct height and has the correct spin rate will go a long way in forgiveness. If we launch the ball too low, a good shot will go the distance you expect of course, but a shot that is off centre will launch too low resulting in a potential loss of major distance. If we can have our launch angle in the “Goldilocks” zone where it’s not too low and not too high, this will result in our missed shots resulting in similar distance as our good shots.

Why would someone not want to have perimeter weighting?
Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. When we have a lot of forgiveness we do not receive as much feedback on any one particular shot. Feedback can give us instant information from an off center hit that may help you fix a setup flaw or swing flaw as soon as it occurs. Your Club Fitter and you will be able to have this discussion about balancing the pros and cons of any particular level of forgiveness for you.