Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Staff member Vinnie takes a trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand.  

All of the elephants housed at the Sanctuary were rescued from circuses, tourist rides and displacement from deforestation. The sanctuary is run by the Karen tribe, who live on-site to care for the elephants. The areas in which they live are typically natural elephant habitats.

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary and people of the Karen hill-tribes have something of a symbiotic relationship, and it is only with their partnership and co-operation that we are able to offer a truly ethical elephant tourism experience, as well as protect the remaining elephant habitats and preserve the elephant population in Thailand.

One thing that Riverway staff member Vinnie learned from visiting the sanctuary is that people are not supposed to ride Elephants; it actually hurts the animal and causes them pain. To learn more about the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary click here.