Getting the Most out of the Driving Range

Question: How do I get the most out of my practice time on the Driving Range?

1. Be methodical and specific:

  • Focus your thoughts on what you intend to practice on.
  • Be specific in setting your goals.
  • The quality of your practice is more important than how many ‘swings’ you make.

2. Warm up your body and loosen your muscles:
watch video.

3. Specify your practice goals. For example, break your hour practice into 15 minute intervals.

  • 15 minutes: work on chip and pitch shots
  • 15 minutes: work on alignment with a 3/4 swing using your 9 iron
  • 15 minutes: work on distance control by switching to a long iron and using a full swing
  • 15 minutes: work on accuracy by switching back to a specific club or shot for that practice session.

You don’t need a full set of golf clubs when you visit the range. Bring a club you feel comfortable with and another you have trouble with. Two or three clubs at a time is all you need.

4. Be comfortable: Dress appropriately by wearing comfortable layered clothing. Remember to bring plenty of water and a light snack.

5. Have Fun: Practice with a friend. It’s more fun to create games by choosing targets and seeing who has the best aim.

We hope to see you working on your game at the Driving Range soon. Thanks for swinging by!

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