Live Music Nights at Burnaby Clubhouses

Enjoy our delicious summer menu accompanied by live performances by Colin Bullock from Musos Entertainment at Riverway Clubhouse at Burnaby Mountain Clubhouse. Reservations are recommended. To reserve a table, call 604-297-4883 or click here to book online.

Live Music Nights Schedule

Riverway Clubhouse:

  • July 21
  • August 11 & 25 
  • September 8

Burnaby Mountain Clubhouse:

  • July 27
  • August 10 & 31
  • September 7

Callaway and Ping Fittings on July 23 & 24

Callaway and Ping Golf Fitting Events are this weekend. If you're stuck using outdated technology, come get a custom fitting at Burnaby Mountain on July 23rd and Riverway on the 24th.

Call to sign up! Burnaby Mountain Golf Course at 604-280-7355 or Riverway Golf Course at 604-280-4653.

See you there!

What is the Titleist Performance Institute?

Let me paint you a picture. Imagine, a 33-acre golf specific research and development center just minutes from the ocean. This golf center is fully furnished with driving range stalls, 3 PGA-caliber holes complete with bunkers, a mini-Scotty Cameron putting studio and a robot that hits golf balls 24 hours a day. No, it’s not heaven (although its pretty close)... it’s the TPI Headquarters in Oceanside, California.

Riverway Golf Festival

Join us on Saturday, May 7 at Riverway Golf Course from 10am-1pm for free golf clinics, custom club fitting, demo days, prizes and fun for the whole family.

Expert Assistance from our CPGA Professionals

  • Demo Day (Callaway and Ping)
  • Launch Monitor and Flight Scope Calibrating
  • Free video analysis projected on a big screen

Get your swing into the grove

  • Free 30 minute golf clinics:
    • How to hit hybrids
    • How to hit irons
    • How to hit for distance
  • Target shoot contest for prizes
  • Little linkers - skills competition for prizes

View our Spring Clothing and Equipment

Prepared Practice Allows for Longevity of Play

It’s that wonderful time of year again, golf season! Time to dust off your clubs, buy some new balls and head over to the driving range and find your swing. Please, do yourself a favour and don’t forget that you haven’t performed a full golf swing for months and understand that attempting to do so may result in a premature end to your golf season. Be mindful that we must prepare our body for the physical demands of our golf swing.

Daylight Savings this Weekend

Daylight Savings time comes into effect this Sunday, March 13th. Please remember to set your clocks forward one hour so you don’t miss your tee time!

Network Maintenance Scheduled Sunday, March 13

Network maintenance is scheduled for Sunday, March 13th from 6:30–8:30 am. During this time there will be no access to online bookings and burnaby eGolf. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this interruption.

Aeration Education

Deep-tine Aeration

This is an example of deep-tine aeration using solid pencil tines. This method of aeration produces minimal surface disruption to putting greens. Greens are completely playable immediately after application.

What: Aeration is a mechanical disruption to the surface/subsurface of the turf where the disruption creates an avenue for water and air to move freely.

Why: Like people, turf survives on oxygen. And as the name implies, aeration helps to circulate air and the absorption of water in the soil. Air and water are necessary to keeping turf healthy. Without aeration, greens would be soft, spongy and waterlogged all winter. (See before and after photos below)

Golf Nutrition

Diet of Champions

Golf is a physical sport that requires both physical and mental preparedness. Our body requires adequate nutrition to perform well mentally and physically. Unfortunately, nutrition is an often overlooked aspect of the game. Proper nutrition not only supports your body's needs while playing the sport, but it also helps you recover from a tough round or workout at the gym. On the course or at practice, proper hydration and a variety of nutritious foods can help you perform well on the course.

Environmental Benefits of Turf Grass

Golf Burnaby endorses the research provided by the Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation. 

Reduces Runoff
Turf grasses slow down the speed and reduce the force of flowing water. This benefits the groundwater reserves because it's absorbed in the soil. Sediment that has been picked up by the water is always trapped within the stand of turf grass. This prevents many of the pollutants and other chemicals that rain water gathers from ending back in our water system. Instead, the pollutants enter the soil where they are broken down safely.