A junior golf story: World Stars of Junior Golf Championhip

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Melissa is currently a golf student taking lessons with Jodi Reimer, Riverway PGA of Canada instructor at the Riverway Golf Course. Jodi loves teaching golf and is truly inspired when she has the opportunity to teach someone who is as dedicated to learning as Melissa is. “Melissa is a pleasure to teach, she is eager to learn and very devoted to improving her golf game, she is such a pleasure to teach” says Jodi.

Below is Melissa’s testimony of her experience at her first international golf tournament at the World Stars of Junior Golf Championship in Las Vegas.

“I competed in my first international tournament in Las Vegas where it was really hot.  When I arrived at the golf course to check in, the volunteers gave me a cap with the Canadian flag on it, a golf shirt, and a backpack filled with cool stuff like a mini mushroom Bluetooth speaker, a cell phone powered fan, a luggage strap and a cooling scarf. I had to wake up at 5am for four days.  One day was for practice, and 3 days were for the tournament.  I played 9 holes each day.  My best hole was the 9th hole, where I got a birdie.  I hit the flagpole on my 2nd stroke!  I also didn't lose any balls for the whole tournament!   There were about 100 kids competing.  I made one friend from Dallas, and one friend from New York.  One of them gave me a unicorn keychain.  That was really nice.  My favorite part of the event was when a roadrunner ran onto the course.  All of us chased it around!”

Golf Burnaby is proud of Melissa and our other dedicated Junior golfers!