Kensington Golf Course Update

The City of Burnaby continually evaluates its capital assets and infrastructure which includes its roads, sewers, buildings, recreational facilities, green spaces and waterways. Whenever an asset reaches the end of its projected life cycle, it requires a plan to either supplant or apply improvements and modifications to extend its life cycle and functionality in order to maintain demand for its projected future use. In evaluating the functionality and demand for pitch and putt courses within the local area, the whole golf market has been really suffering and has seen a steady decline for demand over the past 10-20 years - especially in the pitch & putt category; Kensington included.

Since the City's 2006 presentation and workshop on the present situation and future of Kensington Pitch & Putt, City staff have consulted with national golf associations on trends and solutions. This led to the retention of the services of an industry renowned golf course architect to evaluate all of the options available on the Kensington property to promote future growth of the game for years to come. One of the options was similar to the world-wide trend of moving to a nine hole golf course with flexible yardage per hole to appeal to a wider percentage of the golf market and general public. This option would give our community an enhanced golf course in the same location with new putting greens built to USGA standards, new grass tees, contoured fairways, and a new and upgraded irrigation and drainage system.

One of the biggest complaints and feedback we have had from our regular patrons has been the lack of options available between our two pitch and putts (Kensington and Central Park) and our full size golf courses (Burnaby Mountain and Riverway). The new enhanced remodel of Kensington to a nine hole hybrid course will give all people an exciting new options with the challenges presented with newly configured par 3's, 4's and 5's. In addition, it will still provide a par 3 option of new tees located 150-160 yards from each new green to give our existing pitch & putt customers the opportunity to still play a short course.

This remodeled concept of the Kensington Golf Course will be an industry leader in developing a varied-use golfing opportunity and provide operational sustainability for the next 50 years for our City's residents and taxpayers. We will still continue to operate and maintain the pitch & putt in Burnaby's beautiful Central Park for all to enjoy. Please stay tuned for further updates and, if you have any questions, please email