Know Your Yardages to Improve Your Game

If we asked you what your 150-yard club is, would you be able to give us a confident answer? How about if we asked you to perform that shot now on the golf course. Would you still be as confident in that answer?

If you do not know your yardages when you play, you'll face two issues:

  1.  You can hit a perfect shot and come up short or long from your target.
  2.  You can feel unsure of your shot during your swing, which results in poor execution. You need to trust what you are doing to perform at your best.

The Solution

Dial in your yardages by using the ES15 and write down your yardage on a good shot or use the App and email yourself the information. Each club should increase or decrease in yardage by the same amount (typically 10 yards)... so if your 7 iron is the perfect 140 club, chances are your 6 iron will be just right for that 150-yard shot.

Are your yardages not consistent through your irons? Then come get your clubs and swing checked by one of our pros. Your swing may be different from club to club, or your shaft/club make up isn't right for your swing (Hint: hybrids make this game a lot easier!).