More Success from our Golf Reach Out Program

Each year we are lucky enough to be able to grow the game of golf in Burnaby. Right now our instructor are bringing golf directly into Elementary Schools and the children are having a blast learning during the process.

Here is a breakdown of the Golf Reach out Elementary Program:
• All the lessons are conducted at the Schools. At least two instructors conduct the lessons (All instructors have passed a criminal record check as part of Burnaby’s “Children and Vulnerable Persons Protection Program”)
• These lessons are targeted towards the grade 5 level.
• The program for each class involves four sections: a power point presentation outlining the basics of the game, one putting station, one full swing station, and finally a putting contest for all the class.
• All equipment-clubs, balls and teaching aids-are provided by the Burnaby Golf Operations Department.
• The teacher is still required to be involved in the instruction-mostly to ensure safety of pupils and control of the class.
• There is no charge to the students for this program. In addition to the instructional costs, Burnaby Golf incurred additional costs to develop, schedule and administer the program.

By making the effort to take the basic introduction and instruction out to the schools of Burnaby, our efforts reach more and more students every year. Many of these students may never