The advantage of Custom Fit Golf Clubs

We can have a love-hate relationship with our golf clubs at the best of times. It is easy to blame a bad shot on them, and it is easy to place all the praise on your new $700 purchase when you hit a good shot. But is this the best way to get the most out of your game?

Getting clubs that are custom fit to you is so much more than just getting the most distance out of your driver (although that is a big perk). It is also making sure that we stay within the "Goldilocks" zones when looking at launch angle and spin rate. (Remember that storybook take with the too cold, too hot, and just right porridge?)

Why is this so important?

Your personal launch monitors

Improve your swing! Both Burnaby Mountain and Riverway are offering ES15 launch monitors on their ranges! You will be able to measure your distance, ball speed, spin rate, smash factor and club speed for each shot. If you wish to analyze your swing's DNA, come check out our innovative new launch stalls! Easy to use with instant feedback - 15 minutes for only $6.00 (tax included). By connecting your smart device to the ES15 through Bluetooth, you will also have access to the free app and can record your session, save and analyze your data. Come and check it out! 

Watch this video to see for yourself on how easy this machine is to use!

Where golf can take you by Rachel Maruno

I’ve taken a lot of golf lessons in my life, but, the first lesson I ever took was a Burnaby Mountain Golf Course.  Growing up and living across the street from the course, much of my time was spent there; playing, practicing, and even working in the pro shop.  I was fortunate to receive support from both the Senior Men’s and Women’s clubs which I’m grateful for as golf has opened many doors for me. 

2019 Golf Horoscope

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19): You often have a tendency to procrastinate and have trouble making up your mind. With the spring and great golfing weather approaching,  ask yourself if you wished you’d been practicing more this the winter. Take advantage of Riverway & Burnaby Mountain’s heated driving range stalls and check out our happy hours to get more bang from your bucket! Some familiar Capricorns: Riverway Head Pro Sean Spottiswood., Golf Administration’s Wes H, Martin Kaymer, and Tiger Woods.

New Golf Rules that might interest you

Rules of Golf

1. Putting with flag stick in - permitted, and recommended! If you can stop the ball 2-3 feet past the hole consistently then it won’t give you any more of an advantage. But if you do hit the ball too hard on occasion, the ball will have a better chance of going in, and if it does not go in, the ball will always stop closer to the hole than if the flag was not in (Only if you hit the flagstick of course).

2. Ball wedged against flag stick and side of hole is now deemed as holed

3. Search time - You can now only search for your golf ball for 3 minutes instead of 5, before deeming the ball lost.

4. Dropping - From knee height now, instead of from shoulder height

5. Double hit - Have you ever chipped it, and accidentally hit it again in the air? Well no need to worry anymore, it will only be counted as the one hit.

Your Driving Range Launch Monitor has been Upgraded

|| New App Upgrade ||
We know you’ve been using our personal launch monitors, but have you been using the app?
The new update by Ernest Sports has LPGA and PGA tour average stats displayed right beneath your own for you to compare! This new update will help you realize what needs improving, and what you are doing well already.
Try it out today!

Plan your Corporate Event today!

Whether it’s a corporate tee time booking, corporate instruction, a bucket lunch on the driving range, an outing at the pitch and putt or a corporate golf tournament; the off season is a great time to discover our golf menu which can be designed to suit your needs! Book now to ensure availability for the dates you’d like. For more information please call 604 297-4493, click this link, or email us

GPS technology now available when you rent a golf cart!

  • Hole yardage displayed to front, middle and back of greens.
  • Messages from the Golf Shop for weather alerts and pace of play status updates.
  • Warning signals and potential cart shut down when entering restricted areas of the golf course such as green surrounds, tees, rough terrain and parking lots. If you hear this warning signal, you'll need to remove your cart from these restricted areas.

We expect this technology to enhance the enjoyment of your round through improved information and safety features. You should also experience improved course conditions as a result of reduced wear around around greens.

Support us today as we improve golf for tomorrow. 

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