Sport Terms

Sports in general have a lot in common with one another. Perhaps because we are obsessed with golf that we keep hearing sports cliché’s that work well for golf.

Here are a few that come to mind:

New Set of Downs (Football)

When we are stuck in the trees it’s easy to try for the Hail Marry pass. The hail marry would be considered trying to thread the needle through tiny gap in the trees. Instead of trying the high risk play, sometimes it’s best to go for the middle of the fairway and get yourself a new set of downs so you can live for another play. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you commit to the shot with confidence.

Get Pucks Deep (Hockey)

Next time you play golf and you are off your game, just try and get your golf ball close to the green, and let the short game grind out a good score for you. Putting too much pressure on yourself to hit the green or get it close can add tension to your swing. So instead just get the puck deep or in our case get the ball advanced as close the green as possible. Better decisions lead to better scores

Go for the Layup (Basketball)

Instead of going for the flashy slam dunk go for the guarantee and just execute a layup. A chip and run is just as good as a high flop shot if you have plenty of green to work with. We can all agree that executing a chip shot is far easier than going for the high flopper. Remember every decision you make has an outcome on your score, so let’s make smart decisions that lead to desired outcomes!

Whatever the sports you love to watch or play, the messages are usually similar. Play smart and only take risks when necessary.