Your Driving Range Launch Monitor has been Upgraded

|| New App Upgrade ||
We know you’ve been using our personal launch monitors, but have you been using the app?
The new update by Ernest Sports has LPGA and PGA tour average stats displayed right beneath your own for you to compare! This new update will help you realize what needs improving, and what you are doing well already.
Try it out today!

|| Secondary App ||
Do you love to share your golfing life on social media, but have a hard time displaying just how much fun it can be? Well we have just the thing for you!
This is a great way to track your progress, and share your golf swing all in one. To set it up, you must:
1. Have these two apps downloaded:
-es15 (ES14 for IOS)
-Shot Tracer
2. Connect your phone to the ES15 through your bluetooth settings.
3. Open your ES app and start a new range session.
4. Open Shot Tracer and start a video. Make sure the camera can see the entire ball flight path (setting the camera up from a lower point of view can help).

Go through the steps and the finished product will be something like this!