Your Invitation to our Complimentary Golf Festivals!

Every year Golf Burnaby reaches out to the community by opening their doors to celebrate the beginning of the golf season! These festivals take place at Burnaby Mountain on April 25 and Riverway on May 9  from 10am-1pm, and include the following activities:

  1. Expert assistance from our CPGA Professionals. Our friendly trained golf professionals host this event. They are here to help every guest with all of their golf related questions and encourage all participants to try every station.
  2. An enhanced Demo Day from our key partners: Callaway, Ping & Titleist. These partners bring out all their new products for the year. They use flight-scope and trackman technology that measures all aspects of the golf swing. They even let you compare your current equipment against their new products to prove how the new equipment will enhance your golfing experience.
  3. ES 15 Launch Monitors: Come try out our new customer launch monitors. Every wonder how your swing speed changes from swing to swing? Come find out how your swing changes with our customer launch monitors. During the festivals the launch monitors are complementary!
  4. Custom club fittings. We provide the opportunity for interested guests to be custom fitted for their golf swing. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, so getting custom fitted will enhance your golfing experience. A custom fit set of clubs will minimise your weaknesses and maximise your strengths. We encourage all golfers to get custom fitted for their golf clubs to improve their golfing capabilities.
  5. Video analysis projected on a big screen. Our golf professionals offer the chance to have your swing analysed on camera. This allows you to visually see yourself and how you perform the golf swing. The Golf Pro will give you 1 or 2 aspects to work on during this 5 to 10-minute analysis. At the end of the analysis, the Golf Pro will send you the video of your swing with a written tip for you to work on. All you need to do is provide us with your email address and subscribe to our monthly newsletter!
  6. Three separate 30-minute golf clinics. We offer these clinics free of charge to introduce the community to the high level of instruction that our engaged and enthusiastic CPGA golf professionals provide. The first clinic instructs participants on how to hit hybrids. The second clinic is focused on how to hit irons. The third clinic is focused on how to hit for distance. There is a chance for all participants to win a prize at the end of each clinic. Prizes are awarded for skill and for knowledge... so you don’t need to perform the golf swing the best to win a prize!
  7. Prizes for juniors. We scheduled junior golf classes during the festival. After each class, all junior participants will receive a prize, as well as a snack and refreshment.
  8. Spring clothing and equipment sale. In an effort to enhance our patron’s performance and style, we offer discounts on clothing and equipment between 20-80% off.

See you there!