The advantage of Custom Fit Golf Clubs

We can have a love-hate relationship with our golf clubs at the best of times. It is easy to blame a bad shot on them, and it is easy to place all the praise on your new $700 purchase when you hit a good shot. But is this the best way to get the most out of your game?

Getting clubs that are custom fit to you is so much more than just getting the most distance out of your driver (although that is a big perk). It is also making sure that we stay within the "Goldilocks" zones when looking at launch angle and spin rate. (Remember that storybook take with the too cold, too hot, and just right porridge?)

Why is this so important?

Your personal launch monitors

Improve your swing! Both Burnaby Mountain and Riverway are offering ES15 launch monitors on their ranges! You will be able to measure your distance, ball speed, spin rate, smash factor and club speed for each shot. If you wish to analyze your swing's DNA, come check out our innovative new launch stalls! Easy to use with instant feedback - 15 minutes for only $6.00 (tax included). By connecting your smart device to the ES15 through Bluetooth, you will also have access to the free app and can record your session, save and analyze your data. Come and check it out! 

Watch this video to see for yourself on how easy this machine is to use!

Where golf can take you by Rachel Maruno

I’ve taken a lot of golf lessons in my life, but, the first lesson I ever took was a Burnaby Mountain Golf Course.  Growing up and living across the street from the course, much of my time was spent there; playing, practicing, and even working in the pro shop.  I was fortunate to receive support from both the Senior Men’s and Women’s clubs which I’m grateful for as golf has opened many doors for me. 

Short Game: Wedge Drills

Have you been struggling with your distance wedges? Your touch and feel are hard skills to keep if you do not put in the work to maintain them. We have different targets on the range for you to hone your skills. Here are a few drills to help you stick it close during your next round of golf.

Ladder Drill:
Hit 3 shots to each target. 25, 50, 75 and 100-yard targets.

In this drill, you will be varying your distances for each shot. You will be jumping farther by 25 yards, and then falling back 12.5 yards on your next shot. Your 10 shots will be:

37.5-Yards (between the 25 and 50 targets)
62.5-Yards (between the 25 and 50 targets)
87.5-Yards (between the 75 target and the 100-yard sign)

The Power of a Positive Mindset

Our minds can shift to negative thoughts on the golf course without us even realizing it. Shifting back to a positive mindset can be tough, so here are a few helpful ways to bring you back.

Negative Though Example: I have to make a good shot here.
Positive Thought Example: Just relax and put a good swing on it.

By changing the working to “put” instead of “have to” you are framing the game plan differently. Instead of it being a necessity, you are just setting your intentions for this swing.

Negative Though Example: I hope I don’t hit this fat.
Positive Thought Example: Focus on hitting the ball first.

Burnaby Test Drive Event

Complimentary 20 minute equipment test drive presented by Callaway and Ping Golf Club Equipment Manufactures. Join us at the Burnaby Mountain Driving Range from 10am- 2pm on Saturday, May 7th. 

Call 604 280-7355 to book your spot! Limited spots available!

Come test the new technology and see how it compares to your current equipment!

Humorous Golf Terms

• Ace: It’s in the hole. A 1 on your card. A euphoric feeling that no drug can top. And Ace is what all those newfound friends in the bar will be calling you as you buy them drinks. Cheers.

• Albatross: The rarest of all birds, an albatross is playing the hole three under par (like making a 2 on a par-5, or acing a par-4). For most, it’s an endangered species.

• Army Golf: Going from the left side of the hole to the right, then back to the left again (left, right, left… get it?).

• Barkie: Hitting a tree and still making a par.

• Breakfast ball: An unofficial rule of golf that gives you a free mulligan on the first tee. For many golfers, it’s the most important meal of the day.

• Coast-to-Coast Flight: A ball that is hit from one green-side bunker to a bunker on the opposite side of the putting green.

Inspect Your Equipment

Make sure to check your equipment before you start swinging your clubs again this year. Things to consider:

• Check your grips! Grips can become worn and slippery over time, and this decreases the quality of contact between you and the club.
• Go through all your clubs and check for wear and tear. If they need to be replaced, take your clubs to the nearest Golf Shop for a recommendation.
• Clean your clubs and make sure to check your bag, umbrella and other equipment for defects. Examine zippers and stitching. Take out everything from your pockets and be sure to check your waterproof gear too!
• Check your shoes! Make sure your spikes still have tread and your shoes are still comfortable to walk in. Consider replacing your spikes or replacing your shoes all together.