Golf Travels: Mike and Alanna Down Under

Golf Burnaby regulars Mike and Alanna Pierce are both avid golfers and travel enthusiasts. While vacationing in Australia and New Zealand they managed to play a few rounds when the perfect opportunity presented itself. Here's what they shared with us about some of the most interesting and diverse courses they’ve played thus far.

Developing Golf Swing Power

Power Plan

It certainly is a wonderful feeling when your tee shot seems to fly forever down the fairway. It is equally exciting when you finally reach that long par five in two! Having the ability to generate power in your golf swing provides significant confidence for your winning walk past all the envious playing partners and up the fairway to your next shot. However, even with the temporary ego boost, achieving and maintaining golf power is a lifelong and often futile quest.

Winter Golf Fitness Strategies

Corrective Exercise

A round of golf is rarely routine.  Whether you are fighting your swing, the elements or fatigue, the last thing you want is for the game to become a grind. 

In order to play golf as it’s meant to be played, we need to spend time (preferably in the winter) preparing our bodies. 

There is no better place to start than your walking efficiency. A recent study has shown that golfers who carry their clubs can burn upwards of 1500 calories, and walk more than 3.5 miles during a single round of golf! 

Now, you may be thinking that it’s far from a bad thing expending more energy while golfing.  I disagree. 

If your goal is to score well and improve your game each and every round, all of your energy must be focused on making a proper swing.

Choosing the Right Shaft Flex

Choosing the right shaft flex

You need to understand the effect that shaft flex has on your game. “Flex” refers to the ability of a golf shaft to bend as forces are applied to it during the golf swing.

Those forces are generated by the type of swing that you have – fast or slow, smooth or jerky. There are five generally used ratings for shaft flex: Extra Stiff, Stiff, Regular, Senior and Ladies.

Having a flex that doesn't match the needs of your swing will result in the clubface becoming misaligned during impact, causing your shots to go off-target.

What Flex Impacts

Biometric Screening

When it doubt, Screen it                 

In this issue we will discuss the importance of screening your body prior to challenging your physical limits with exercise. So what exactly is a biomechanical screen?

TPI – 12 Common Novice Swing Characteristics

In the first part of our Titleist Performance Institute article series, I introduced you to the influence that a TPI team of professionals can have on your game, regardless of your skill level. In this article, I will outline the 12 most common novice swing characteristics identified by the golf professionals at TPI through their extensive observational research.

To keep things brief, I will forgo in-depth descriptions of each of the characteristics, and delve deeper into the functional movements correlated to the first 6 characteristics. The next article will then describe the functional movements associated with swing characteristics 7-12.

Burnaby Golf Students attend CP Women's Open

The Canadian Pacific Women’s Open was held at Vancouver Golf Club in Coquitlam, BC. Before the Tournament offically began, some of Burnaby’s Golf Students had the chance of a lifetime - to caddy for them and play in the Pro Am! Here are the highlights.

Brooke Henderson & Jodi Reimer
Jodi Reimer, Riverway Teaching Professional with Canadian Tour Player, Brooke Henderson.

Golf Burnaby student, Sophie Fuerbringer, had luck on her side on Wednesday. She was paired with Brooke Henderson during the Pro Am and got some very helpful tips from the Canadian Golfer.

Golf Clinic - Lexi Thompson

LPGA Tour Star, Lexi Thompson, in conjunction with Golf Canada, Cobra Puma Golf, and CN, put on the “PUMA athlete for a Day” event. This awesome event was held at Seymour Golf & Country Club, one of Canada’s premier CN Future Links facilities. Golf Burnaby’s junior Girls & Boys participated in the clinic.

Jodi brought students from Golf Burnaby’s elite program who took park in this exciting opportunity.

TPI #1

Over the next few newsletters, I will be breaking down the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) in hopes of providing you, the readers, with the knowledge necessary to understand the connection between body and swing.

Let me paint you a picture. Imagine, a 33-acre golf specific research and development center just minutes from the ocean. This golf center is fully furnished with driving range stalls, 3 PGA-caliber holes complete with bunkers, a mini-Scotty Cameron putting studio and a robot that hits golf balls 24 hours a day. No, it’s not heaven (although its pretty close) it’s the TPI Headquarters in Oceanside, California.

Improving Your On-Course Management

Q: Although I seem to hit the ball just as well as my friends on the Driving Range, I can’t seem to shoot a score as low as them. Why is that?

A: Improve your on-course Management

1. Imagine playing the hole from the flag backwards to the tee box: Using this image in your mind will help you develop a sense of where the trouble is. Good golf is as much about improving those playable misses as it is about hitting quality shots.

2. Know your strengths & weaknesses: Keep track of your stats both on the range and on the course. Track your fairways hit, greens in regulation (GIR), number of putts & Sand saves.