Winter Golf Fitness Strategies

Corrective Exercise

A round of golf is rarely routine.  Whether you are fighting your swing, the elements or fatigue, the last thing you want is for the game to become a grind. 

In order to play golf as it’s meant to be played, we need to spend time (preferably in the winter) preparing our bodies. 

There is no better place to start than your walking efficiency. A recent study has shown that golfers who carry their clubs can burn upwards of 1500 calories, and walk more than 3.5 miles during a single round of golf! 

Now, you may be thinking that it’s far from a bad thing expending more energy while golfing.  I disagree. 

If your goal is to score well and improve your game each and every round, all of your energy must be focused on making a proper swing.

Earlier this year, research out of Holland showed that energy costs increased anywhere from 6-12% under conditions of postural threat.  Postural threat refers to changes in our walking pattern due to uncontrolled factors (like pain, or fatigue). 

Take a look at the following statements.  If any of the statements describe you, chances are you either lack the aerobic base required for walking 18 holes or you have a system that leaks.

- Holes 15-18 are always the toughest
- Your feet are really sore
- You get back pain after every round
- You are out of breath when you address your ball
- You only play cart golf

If you do one thing this winter to help your golf game, get a professional to assess your static and dynamic body mechanics.  A golf-specific functional assessment can illuminate any body imbalances or deficiencies, that when addressed, will improve your game.    

Dr. Eugune Lee Dr. Sergio Pasqua

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