Burnaby Test Drive Event

Complimentary 20 minute equipment test drive presented by Callaway and Ping Golf Club Equipment Manufactures. Join us at the Burnaby Mountain Driving Range from 10am- 2pm on Saturday, May 7th. 

Call 604 280-7355 to book your spot! Limited spots available!

Come test the new technology and see how it compares to your current equipment!

Humorous Golf Terms

• Ace: It’s in the hole. A 1 on your card. A euphoric feeling that no drug can top. And Ace is what all those newfound friends in the bar will be calling you as you buy them drinks. Cheers.

• Albatross: The rarest of all birds, an albatross is playing the hole three under par (like making a 2 on a par-5, or acing a par-4). For most, it’s an endangered species.

• Army Golf: Going from the left side of the hole to the right, then back to the left again (left, right, left… get it?).

• Barkie: Hitting a tree and still making a par.

• Breakfast ball: An unofficial rule of golf that gives you a free mulligan on the first tee. For many golfers, it’s the most important meal of the day.

• Coast-to-Coast Flight: A ball that is hit from one green-side bunker to a bunker on the opposite side of the putting green.

Inspect Your Equipment

Make sure to check your equipment before you start swinging your clubs again this year. Things to consider:

• Check your grips! Grips can become worn and slippery over time, and this decreases the quality of contact between you and the club.
• Go through all your clubs and check for wear and tear. If they need to be replaced, take your clubs to the nearest Golf Shop for a recommendation.
• Clean your clubs and make sure to check your bag, umbrella and other equipment for defects. Examine zippers and stitching. Take out everything from your pockets and be sure to check your waterproof gear too!
• Check your shoes! Make sure your spikes still have tread and your shoes are still comfortable to walk in. Consider replacing your spikes or replacing your shoes all together.

Professional Development Bursary awarded to Alex Ludeman

The applicants were judged by a three-member independent panel and awarded based on academic achievement and contributions to the community.

The course load that Alex took on while working, teaching golf and raising a family is an impressive feat. The courses included;
• Coaching Developing Competitors through the PGA of Canada
• TPI Golf Level 2
• TPI Power Level 2
• TPI Junior Level 2
• PGA of BC Spring Seminar
• Coach Camp with Andrew Rice

"With so many golfers investing more time into the sport, I have been so thankful that I have put the time in to invest in my education. The ability to help a newly motivated golfer quickly improve has brought me so much satisfaction to my job." - Alex Ludeman, Burnaby Mountain Golf Club

Help us congratulate Alex on his recent achievement!

Spring Clean-Up for your Golf Swing

After a long winter break, your golf game probably isn’t in the same shape as it was at the end of last season. This is completely normal, so here is our suggestion to get your scores back to normal as quickly as possible.

Eliminate Penalty Shots
Penalty shots are going to be difficult to avoid at times. Your shots may be going farther right and left than when you were at your best, and they also will have a bigger variability in distance (fat and thin shots) as well.
By going to the range a few times before playing, see where your golf shots are going. If you are having a difficult time hitting your longer irons and woods, maybe laying up short of the water on that short par 5 would be a good idea until you start striking it better.

Driver Fitting - What to Expect

With golf clubs being limited in how fast the golf ball can bounce off of the face, the best way for you to get more distance off the tee is to get custom fit for your golf swing. If you are launching your driver too low, or have too much spin on your drives, a well fit driver will go farther for your swing.
What to expect when you book a fitting at Golf Burnaby.

Pre-Fit Interview

Before coming down for the fitting, we will get a little bit of information about you and what you are looking for. This will help in our preparation to ensure that the right equipment is ready for you to test.


Day of Fitting

Central Park is opening soon!

Central Park will be re-opening on Friday, February 18th! This pitch and putt favourite will be open Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays until Monday, March 14th - when it opens daily (weather depending). Happy Golfing!

Chipping Drill: Landing Zones

Find a hole that is 10 paces on the green.
Place 5 golf balls in a line away from the target. Space each golf ball one yard apart.
Chip each golf ball with your PW and log your results.
Setup the golf balls in the same way, but place a towel 5 steps from the pin (Half way between the flag and the edge of the green).
Chip each golf ball with your highest lofted golf club. Each ball must land past the towel.

Birdie: Ball finishes within 6 feet of the pin

Par: Ball finishes within 9 feet of the pin

Bogey: Ball finishes outside 9 feet of the pin
OR the golf ball did not land past the towel

Track your score, and try and beat your personal best! Remember the fastest way to lower your scores is to hone in your short game!